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Step 1 – Initial Assessment

We start with an initial assessment at the beginning of each learning module. This initial assessment calculates what the individual student already knows in that module and what they don't know. We then create a personalised study plan that concentrates on the individual child's specific requirements.

Each school year study programme is made up of various lessons according to the student's individual ability.

Step 2 – The course delivery

Within each lesson there are always three tasks -

  1. the practise exercise - your child should start by testing themselves using the practice exercises
  2. watching the video tutorial – if they do not score at least 80% or are unsure of the material in that particular lesson, they should then watch the video tutorial which will explain that topic fully, before progressing to the lesson assessment
  3. completing the lesson assessment - once they are comfortable the material in the lesson, they can progress to the lesson assessment

If they still do not score 80%, they should go back and review the tutorial lesson. They can watch the tutorials as many times as they need before redoing to the lesson assessment.

Step 3 – Course Assessment

Maths and English are “building block” subjects. If you miss something early on, that can leave a learning gap that creates problems later on e.g. if you don’t know your Times Tables, you will struggle with multiplication etc.

After completing all the lessons within the study module, students are presented with an end of module assessment. They are required to achieve a 100% pass mark for their end of course assessment. in order to progress to the next school year module.

If the student does not achieve 100% pass mark, the system automatically generates a new study plan for the missing knowledge, to help them attain the 100% pass mark required to progress. This assures that your child has therefore attained all the knowledge required before proceeding further.

The system has a log-in for parents to access a dashboard where you can view and monitor your child's progress at any time.

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