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Karin - Leeds

Excellent customer service from the first contact to the setting-up. The programme material is superb & system is easy to follow. Study sessions are short and snappy. My daughter’s confidence is soaring and that can only aid her learning.

William - London

Very good so far. I like the way I can check my son's progress when I'm at work. He's doing very well and confidence is growing. I've noticed an improvement in his homework from school and it's taking him less time to complete. He also enjoys when he completes the weekly challenges that I set for him.

Amanda L – Manchester

Very impressed with every aspect of this company. My daughter is 11 and likes being able to practice her maths and English at any time of the day. I like receiving the weekly emails updating me, so I don’t feel like I have to keep asking her. I feel I have invested my money wisely

Sam M - Northampton

Really pleased so far. Feel positive about the programme. This is the way forward. I would recommend this to everyone who can afford this small price to pay for a great future ahead for our children

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OJ - Bristol

The best investment I have made for my kids. I have seen them grow in confidence. They now look forward to learning and not being reminded by me to do their homework.

Parents can also track their progress which is brilliant. Having live teachers and the tutorial is a brilliant support for my kids which they use all the time.

Would definitely recommend parents to enrol their children. It's worth the small amount of money.

Shout out to administration team who was always helpful when I needed to change the dates I was available to come in.

Pauline - Hampshire

An excellent way of engaging my child to concentrate on his academic work. It is extremely concise, simple and easy to use. The tutorials are also a perfect way of giving any child an understanding of the topic as well as equipping them with the necessary knowledge on the subject area. Both my children are happy and feel confident logging in to his studies online without any support. As a single mother, I am also very thankful for having to come across a system that ensures my child gets the chance to catch up on his work after school. This is amazing!

Rose - Dundee

I must say only a few weeks in, but the programme is very concise and easy to use. My children enjoy completing the tests and the thought of receiving a certificate for their hard work is encouraging and exciting. As a parent, I’m also impressed with the fact that the system marks the work and I receive a performance report each time and able to monitor progress.

Mrs S - Colchester

The staff attend to you promptly and ensure that your requirements are satisfactorily met. The questions on the subject topics are tailored to meet the students’ needs. Feedbacks to parents on students’ performances are excellent.

I strongly recommend this programme to all my friends.

Mr A - Bedfordshire

Recently I enrolled my children onto the programme. My son really enjoys doing the lessons. It is a well set up programme enabling children to practice lessons and see tutorials if they don’t fully understand. My son used the helpline to contact a teacher of the course and as a result got a full understanding of a lesson he was unsure of. I would have recommended this programme to any parent that would like to see their children have the best education possible.

George - Cardiff

Excellent online study package - very clever way of getting your children retain information and learn the lessons they receive from school. The program works alongside their current school curriculum but also reminds them of subjects taught in the past which they may have forgotten. I’m looking forward to my child’s parents’ evening at school to see if they have noticed an improvement. I have no doubt that this way of learning will put them in the top percentage of their class.

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Please Note; we do not share your contact details with any other organisation